Kitchen Renovations & Remodels

"The Kitchen is the heart of the home."

The kitchen, arguably the most important room in the house.  Life happens in our kitchens and when you are making the decision to renovate, remodel, or build new, there are an over-whelming amount of things to consider.  Alchemy Renovations can help you sort through all those choices, we are passionate about kitchens and making yours perfect. Open vs closed, custom cabinetry vs pre fabricated, gas vs electric, and about a million different styles of islands, tile, sinks, faucets, and lights. We don't list them here to confuse you, only to show you everything we will help you with to take the stress off you.  Alchemy Renovations cover all the areas you need in a kitchen renovation including plumbing, electrical, flooring, backsplash, finishing, and creating new walls and windows.  Have us guide your kitchen project from start to finish and we will get you back cooking in your kitchen you love.


Before photos




After photos